A guide to creating the perfect Bathroom

There are many important elements to consider when renovating your bathroom, Why are you doing it? What’s your budget? Is it for yourself or do you intend to sell the property in the near future? If you do, one thing’s for certain- Australian buyers LOVE AWESOME BATHROOMS!

Speak to any real estate agent and they’ll confirm- smart, gorgeous bathrooms are never overlooked at the open house and contribute massively to the buyers final decision.

In meantime, we’ve put together a few pointers that should not be overlooked when creating the perfect bathroom.


Hide it well:

Storage is always one of the most sought after commodity in homes, but nowhere is this more true than in the bathroom. Things like wooden crates or stools are both functional and stylish and storage ladders will help in accommodating candles and other decorative items. Make the most of every centimeter by adding recessed niches (great to store shampoo) and mirror-fronted wall cabinets.


Light it well:

Consider adding natural, mood and task lighting. Warm down lights and a stylish pendant light will allow you to create different moods in your bathroom, while custom styled mirror lighting can infuse some glamour and improve functionality when you’re applying make-up or shaving. Adding a skylight can also have a dramatic effect and will oversize frosted windows if your room allows for it. Let there be light!


Expand the mirror:

Mirrors do more than just reside on your bathroom wall, they can also serve as the artwork in the room. Huge mirrors are a great way of reflecting more light in the bathroom making it brighter. Back lit mirrors are a great way to add some drama to your bathroom, and illuminate the space without creating the harsh shadows.


Tiles for miles:

Make a statement with patterned floor tiles, and keep the wall tiles simple and elegant. If you’ve got the space, nothing says luxury more than a natural stone tile. Bathrooms tend to have a smaller floor space so it wont necessarily break the bank to choose a more expensive, better quality tile. Subway wall tiles are trending in a huge way right now and their popularity will be long lasting. Don’t forget to complement your tiles with great tap-ware; its the jewelry of the bathroom and creates a serious WOW factor.


Shower Power:

Many people don’t see showers as just a hygiene cubicle. It’s also a relaxing retreat where people like to relax so it’s essential to make this space a pleasurable environment. Consider fill frameless showers or even “door-less” panels with a step-less walk in feature.


Bath Tubs:

It’s a no brainer – if the space allows put a bath tub there! And the nicer the better!

Not only are bath tubs a great relaxing retreat but it can serve as incredible feature in bathroom design. And when it comes to young families it’s important to remember that many would need one for kids.


Tip –  When choosing the builder, remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best. Workmanship, dedication, management skills, availability and communication skills are the main priorities when making up your mind!